Welcome to the blog

These blog posts are written as markdown documents and converted to HTML by the pulldown-cmark crate in Rust. The Rust code itself is based on a static site generator codebase from here (thanks Rodolfo Ruiz!).

Syntax highlighting of code blocks is generated by highlight.js with the Nord theme, which is a theme I like in VSCode.

This is a bash block:

# make a variable
VAR="example string"
# echo it back
echo $VAR

And this is a Rust block:

// convert i32 to a String
// which is silly because it already
// implements Display
pub fn test(t: i32) -> String {

// call it and print
println!("{}", test(3));

After many iterations of a version of my website, I like this one the best. I am hoping to write more about general software dev stuff, tools I like, and maybe some other stuff tossed in. Some ad-hoc plans for the moment:

  • Go through some of the details of some Rust software projects I’ve been working on
  • Maybe some tutorials/walkthroughs
  • Development of this website